Angel Policy
Terms and Conditions for Limited Commercial Use of Penny Black
Stamps and Other Products.

1. Penny Black stamps and images are original artwork created by or for
Penny Black, Inc. and subject to full copyright protection.

2. As such, its stamps and images are sold for the personal use of
the consumer, without right to reproduce the copyrighted images for
commercial purposes.

3. Penny Black, Inc. permits its valued customers the following limited
rights of commercial use: All stamp impressions must be made by hand.
No mechanical or other form of reproduction is permitted. Only limited
quantities, not to exceed 36 per design, may be made for commercial use.
In connection with each commercial use within these permissible limits,
the user shall clearly display on the project the following: “Image: Copyright
Penny Black, Inc.”

4. Commercial use that violates or exceeds the above restrictions is
prohibited and shall be considered a breach of the copyrights of Penny
Black, Inc.

Copyright & Trademark
All designs, images and contents of this catalog are copyrighted by
Penny Black, Inc—any reproduction is prohibited without the prior written
permission of Penny Black, Inc. “Penny Black” is a proprietary trademark of
Penny Black, Inc., registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
© 2009 Penny Black, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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