First of all: I am married to a STAMPAHOLIC !!   Six years ago I was nosing in her studio and asked a stupid question:  How much did all of these rubber stamps cost me?   After the rescue squad brought me back from the dead I decided I had to do something about how much she was spending.   At that time she was "hot" on House Mouse stamps so I called the factory to find out what it took to be a dealer so I could buy at a discount.

Being retired and needing something to do (I didn't want to clean house or any of that type of thing) so I bit the bullet and became a House Mouse dealer.  I set up my own website, did my own webwork (I know, it shows!).  I named my little hobby/business HM Stamps - HM standing for House Mouse.

I let my business grow by word of mouth and many of those mouths started saying: "Would you consider carrying another line of stamps"?  Giving in to the pressure (the previous 5 words were used because I can't spell 'succumb')  I took on the Penny Black stamps then a few months later the Great Impressions stamps became part of my arsenal and a couple of months after that it was the Northwoods line of stamps.

Needless to say I became busier than a flea on a hot griddle.  Business was too good!  So to maintain sanity and my marriage (I do have to eat ya know) I decided to "sell off" all but the Penny Black stamps.  I found a great young couple to take over the other part of my business.  They named their business RK stamps after their daughters Rachael & Katie.

Shortly thereafter my dear wife decided that HM (of HM Stamps) stood for "Hers & Mine" (both referring to her).  I thought it should stand for His Majesty.  After several bruising battles and many lawyers' fees later I decided it was time to make the name reflect what I was doing. 

Thus, PB Stamps was born.  The PB stands for Penny Black (duh!).  It didn't take my wife very long to decide that it stands for Poor Boy Stamps since she spends all of my profits on stamps - cricut bugs and cuddle bugs and all sorts of other bugs.

There ya have it.  My goals haven't changed.  I want to help you get the most out of your stampin dollar and put a smile on your face every now & then.  Thanks for stopping by:

John Pylant - Poor Boy Stamps

It will take a while to make all of the changes so please with me !!

Please make out any Checks or Money orders to PB Stamps