Penny Black stamps are priced by their "Size Letter". 

Example:  1979K - All Penny Black "K" stamps are the same price although there are many different 'sizes' of "K" stamps.  For instance the 1979K is 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" and  1948K is 1-3/4" x 6".  

 I strongly urge you to give both the stamp Name and Number because it is easy to transpose the part numbers. 

To place an order make a list of the stamps you want and use one of the methods below to send it. 

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Here is my Price List

"LETTER"          PRICE

"A"                 3.65

"B"                 4.60

"C"                 5.10

"D"                 5.95

"E"                 6.45

"F"                 7.10

"H"                 7.75

"J"                 9.60

"K"                10.25

"L"                11.00

"M"                12.00

40-xxx Slapstick Cling Stamps    $ 6.75 - 9.50

Click this link to see individual Slapsticks & prices

30-xxx  ACRYLIC SETS*      12.50

WOOD SETS          11.50

*30-015            16.00

*30-016            16.00

*80-001  Madison Paper Pad                    8.70

*90-xxx    Folded card & Envelope (6)         2.50


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