Penny Black

"Awesome Christmas Card"

by: Philomena Lowe

Dublin, Ireland

Each year Philomena makes me a 'special' Christmas Card and each time she tries to incorporate enough stamps so that it becomes the "Most Expensive Card Ever Made".  This is her 2009 Card.  The first picture is the front and the second is the opened view.  Below them I have the pictures again showing the stamps that were used.  And below that I show the actual stamps.  I am so impressed with this one (it looks lots better in person!) that I am listing her email address so you can drop her a note if you are inclined to do so.....just click the address above      ... Enjoy!!

Note: The top 2 are photos (to show the glitter) which came out dark.  The other 2 are scanned


Actual dimensions:  8-1/4" High x 11-1/2" Wide

904J   -          945H  -      981A  - 

948E  -       336L  - 

345K  -        1867K  - 

933E  - 

30-017  -        30-038  -   

600C   -     Used on the Back of the Card

Stamps used total $ 98.95