As an added incentive to purchase Penny Black products from PB you can accumulate PB BUCKS

PB Bucks are calculated at 5.25% of your total merchandise purchase on each order.

PB Bucks are not a one time deal. You will accumulate PB Bucks on every merchandise purchase every time.

You can let your balance grow or use them when you want. They never expire.

Click this button to view your PB Bucks balance.

Check Your PB Bucks

Log in with the following information.

The first letter of your first name,

The last four digits of your phone number

Your postal zip code.

Your PB Bucks balance will be displayed.

There is also a button lower down on the same page where you can review and print your purchase history from PB

PB Bucks are redeemable in Penny Black products only at PB  They are not transferable and not exchangeable for cash or credit.

PB Stamps is not part of Penny Black Inc.  We simply sell Penny Black products.


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